Choose neutral color fabrics without bright patterns - they will serve you longer

Best Types of Curtain Fabric

If you are choosing window treatments for your home, there are many factors to consider; including color, pattern, style, length, and fabric. The fabric you would choose can affect how a curtain hangs and drapes as well as the texture, coverage, and durability and how easy it is to launder. You may need to explore various curtain fabrics available to choose the window treatment that best satisfies the courier going for and your needs.

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Year-Round Linen Usage Ideas

Window Curtains

Linen Window Curtains

You may be wanting to distract from a not so great view or possibly enhance the landscape outside but with new window treatments you can possibly do both. You can opt for a linen curtain or shade if you want your space to be bright and airy filled with sunshine, as the light fabric will not block rays. Linen curtains are a stylish alternative to standard curtains and have an inviting vibe to your space.


Linen Headboards

Headboards can finish off the look of the bedroom and make it feel like an actual oasis. There are many varieties of options to choose the perfect backdrop to your bed but a linen version is a must-see if you want to spruce up your sleeping quarters.


Linen Bedding

Everyone should be able to sleep in a bed that is similar to the quaint style of a seaside bed-and-breakfast. Linen bedding is the best way to transform an ordinary bedroom into a great space that you want to fall in love with over and over again. Linen sheets and pillowcases have tons of added benefits. They have breathable fibers and anti-allergy qualities and makes drifting into sleep easier than ever.


Linen Tablecloths

When summers in full swing and there are dinner parties or weekend gatherings you will want to show your table scape extra love with the help of a lightweight tablecloth that complements any serve where that is set on top of it. Use linen but if you're nervous about food or wine stains choose a darker shade to avoid any splattered stains.


Linen Towels

If you just want to start slow in the linen trend start with small, budget friendly options such as tiny accents like hand towels to introduce this element of the fabric. If you incorporate this trend in your kitchen or bathroom you will see an instant boost in style. You can hang a few from hooks or appliances for a summary touch to make it feel like you have the ultimate country home.


Linen Sofa

If you're looking for a new sofa you might want to consider a linen option. It has a classic look that fits seamlessly into any living space and you'll have it for years. The coastal vibe can make your living room the most welcoming area in the house so try linen and throw a few blankets over the arms and add plenty of pillows.


Linen Wallpaper

Walls can use linens also. Wallpaper can be crafted from this breezy fabric and turns a plain wall into a bold statement. Patterns and bright colors work really well and you can let a subdued texture steal the spotlight. There are many great neutral shades that won't overwhelm its territory.

Throw Pillows

Linen Throw Pillows

Adding throw pillows to your bed or sofa chairs is a great way to increase comfort and style. These are decorative accents that you can use for any season since you can keep the same pillow just switch out the case from season to season. You can put away any thick winter fabrics and swapping linen pillowcases for an interior that is ready for summer. You can mix and match them in different use for the ultimate linen takeover.

Lamp Shades

Linen Lamp Shades

Finding the perfect lampshade is always difficult. You need to try to find something that fits with the design of the lamp itself but also creates a perfect glow. A linen lampshade might be just the answer you've been looking for. They are chic but not overwhelming and always in style.

Shower Curtains

Linen Shower Curtains

You can always dress up a shower curtain with linen and it will take your bathroom to the next level. There are neutral shades available that match any flooring and won't clash with your decor.