Choose neutral color fabrics without bright patterns - they will serve you longer

Fabrics in 2017

There are gazillion different options when shopping for upholstery or wall covering so it's easy to become overwhelmed or discouraged. We can dig through the swatches and pull up patterns, textures and hues, which will inspire your next decor endeavor. If you're looking for a new outdoor collection or you want to bring a vintage side chair back to life, or even looking for dramatic drapes or frame a window here some fabrics to take your project to a new and exciting level.

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Home Decor

Have you ever found yourself looking for a particular type of trend, but you don't know it's actual classification or name? There are many varieties of terms available so it can be difficult to find what you're looking for. Here is a glossary of common trim terms to help with finding the trim you need quickly and easily.

Home Decor Terms

Bullion Fringe

Bullion Fringe: a 3 inch to 8 inch long twisted French that's applied on the skirts on sofas, Ottomans or chairs. It can also be used to edge pillows, table coverings or draperies and can be stitched in or glued on top of the fabric.

Chair Ties

Chair Ties: 27 inches to 30 inches long cord with a tassel at each end and it's used to attach cushions to chairs hold back curtains or lamps and pillows.


Cord/Cording: a 3/16-inch to half-inch diameter trim that's made from yarn and twisted together to form a cord. You can use it for pillows, draperies. boxes bedding, ornaments, etc. you can either stitch it on by hand or glue.

Lip Cording

Cord with Lip/or Lip Cording: a 3/16 1/2-inch diameter cord with an attached knit lip that inserts into a fabric seam. You use it to edge pillows, cushions, upholstery, draperies, bedding etc. you apply by stitching with a zipper foot or piping foot.


Fringes: Brush, Loop or Chainette fringes come in a variety of links and are made from various fibers. They are used as an insert to trim pillows, draperies etc. They can be applied on top of the surface or stitched in to a seam or glued on top.


Gimp: a narrow 38 inch to 1/2 inch wide flat trend with a tightly woven tiny cord like material traditionally used to trim pillows, curtains, boxes, lampshades, vests, ornaments and they hide the seams on upholstery projects. It can be applied by stitching or by gluing.


Piping/Welting: A3 16 inch to 1/2-inch diameter fabric covered cord with 1/4 inch to 5/8 cents fabric lip that is used for inserting this trim into a fabric seam. It's used to edge cushions, upholstery pillows, cornices etc. it's applied with a zipper foot or piping foot.


Tassel: 1/2 inch to 8 inch long bell-shaped cord that's constructed with yarn and tied together at the neck with a loop at the top for hanging or insertion. It's used at the corner of pillows or to accent valances, table coverings, or bedding. You attach it by stitching or gluing.

Tassel Fringe

Tassel Fringe: a flat trimmer braid with tassels attached to the bottom then to trim draperies, lampshades, table coverings, pillows, swags. It can be stitched into the seam or glued on top.