Choose neutral color fabrics without bright patterns - they will serve you longer

Make a Garden-Inspired Pillow

You can express your love for gardens to the world and create a charming homemade garden inspired pillow.

How To Make Felt Flower Pillow

Gather Your Supplies

You will need an assorted felt, felt balls, scissors, hot glue gun, premade pillow, pillow insert, computer printer, computer paper, fabric glue, ink pen and an iron.

Flowers First

You can begin with crafting the flowers by cutting a 6 inch diameter circle from a piece of felt and cut it to coil. Then cut a smaller 2 1/2 inch circle from the same color felt. Cut another 2 1/2 inch circle from a darker color felt. Fringe the edges of the darker circle. Select a small felt ball and you are ready to assemble the flower.

Beginning in the Center

Hot glue gun the felt ball into the center of the French circle.

Coil it Up

Uncoil the felt circle. You can start by gluing the uncoiled circle to the bottom of the fringe circle.

How To Make Flower Pillow Decoration

Wrap It Around

Continue to glue as you glue and go and wrap the coiled felt tightly around the center of the flower.

Tuck the End

Glue the end into place and flip the flower over.

Finish it Off

Make sure to apply hot glue to the bottom of the flower.

Complete Flower

Take the smaller circle that was the same color as the flower and hot glue it on the back for a finished look.

Pillow Decoration Flowers

Flower Number Two

You will need to cut out the following pattern pieces. The circle coil should be 4 inches wide. The fingerlike petals are 2 inches long. The shorter petals are the cuttings from the top of the petals cleaned up with scissors.

Start at the Center

As you did with the last flower at the center start their. Uncoiled the felt circle and glue it tightly around the felt ball.

Finish the Coil

Finish the coil around the flower just like you did for the first one.

Add Pedals

Adding the petals to the coiled center one by one and hot glue them into place around the flower.

Work in a Circle

Make sure you turn the flower as you go and combine the petals to make a natural looking arrangement.

Felt Flower Pillow

Flower Power

If the flower is complete, you can trim off the base and add a felt circle to the back just as you did with the first flower.

Choose a Font

On the computer, choose a font in large letters to fit an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Printed out and select the same size felt.

Cut it Out

Cut out the letter and flip it over and line it up on the felt.

Trace It

With an ink pen, trace the letter onto the piece of felt.

Felt Letter

Cut out the felt letter that you traced onto the felt.

Tiny Bird

You can cut out a small bird freehand from a remnant piece of felt.

Fall Pillow Idea

Approve the Layout

Iron the pillow and placed the letter and flowers and bird under the pillow and adjust them in position to your own taste.

Glue Then Down

With good quality fabric glue you need to glue each one into place.

Let it Dry

Allow the pillow to dry completely and read the glues directions prior to moving or inserting the pillow form.

Assemble the Pillow

Insert the pillow form into the pillow and zip it closed. Fluff the pillow if needed.

Pillow Care

This pillow can jazz up your sofa, desk chair, office or patio. It is not weatherproof so spot cleaning only.