Choose neutral color fabrics without bright patterns - they will serve you longer

Year-Round Linen Usage Ideas

You may be wanting to distract from a not so great view or possibly enhance the landscape outside but with new window treatments you can possibly do both. You can opt for a linen curtain or shade if you want your space to be bright and airy filled with sunshine, as the light fabric will not block rays. Linen curtains are a stylish alternative to standard curtains and have an inviting vibe to your space.

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Top Fabric Color Trends

Fabrics have always been a key factor in styling your home, from the curtains to the cushions even bed linens. If you want to stay on trend when it comes to colors here the most popular for 2017.


Red Fabric

Red is a popular choice for fabrics in the home this year. The shades of Aurora red, dusty Cedar and Potters Clay are making a name for themselves. Red is always a lively color that gets noticed and is staring and can powerfully transform your home. You can combine red fabrics with turquoise's, blues and golden tones for a great visual impact.


Green Fabric

It's always been a favorite and continues to dominate the homes this year. It's a fresh and cozy color that allows you to connect with nature and invokes a soothing vibe. Botanical greens with a touch of yellow are the favorite color at the moment, which will bring an element of zing to an interior space.


Yellow Fabric

Yellow cotton fabrics bring fresh sunny vibes to homes and are sought after. The yellows can be mustard, copper, gold or ore tones. You can add a hint of yellow to a neutral to core such as black, white or gray and it brings style to any room.


Blue Fabric

Blue whirly falls out of favor as a fabric choice because it blends well with many other shades. Blue has a sophisticated and elegant appeal and you can create the right impression when you use this color in your home. You can match it with gray, gold or mallow for an eye-catching effect.


Hazelnut Fabric

This is often an underrated color but it's a great fabric color for curtains and upholstered furniture if you're looking to create something with neutral tones but is contemporary and stylish. This natural color boasts excellent versatility and flexibility in any type of home. It rates is one of the top fabric color transition year and boasts a variation of hues that range from sand to cream or even brown. Whichever you choose, it brings a warm and natural feeling to a space.